Since 1965, Baton Rouge Industries, Inc. has marketed a full line of custom engineered, specialized lubricants to meet the needs of high demand vehicles and equipment used by commercial, industrial, agricultural, marine/offshore and individual customers.

Baton Rouge Industries, Inc., from its inception has produced and marketed the most technologically advanced lubricants available on the market. Our line of specialized lubricants is formulated with 100% paraffin base stocks and fortified with advanced additives to provide optimum lubrication protection, decrease downtime and extend the life of today’s expensive and high demand vehicles and equipment.

Baton Rouge Industries now offers a full synthetic line as well as semi-synthetic products.

All of our sales representatives are trained lubrication specialists, backed by our experienced technical staff and qualified to advise our customers in all of their lubrication applications. In addition, technical data, specification and SDS information is readily available upon request.

Baton Rouge Industries, Inc. offers a complete line of preventative maintenance, technologically advanced lubricants. These products are the result of many years of research and continuous improvements. We feel certain that once you incorporate our products into your lubrication maintenance program, you will immediately begin to see positive, money saving results. Your interest in our products is greatly appreciated. Please call our toll free number if we may assist you in any way at 1-800-232-0334 or email us at brind@batonrougeindustries.com